A look ahead, RPC rollouts

We are not shy about asking for feedback, reworking a feature that didn’t land like we’d hoped, or bringing an innovation the event industry hasn’t seen before! We are proud to be ever-changing and evolving. And the #1 cause for change with RPC features is feedback from active users. We have some exciting enhancements in the works and we want to share what’s in store over the coming months. As always, if you don’t see something on this list that would make your life easier, let us know.

Fall 2020 features to expect

1. Auto-pay

This functionality is available on RPC today! But keep your eye out for further enhancements throughout the Fall season. Auto-pay is one more way we are trying to make payments easy for vendors, planners, and clients. Now, when viewing an invoice, users can enable auto-payments on upcoming installments by simply checking a box. The system will automatically charge the amount due on the due date using the payment method provided. In other words, set it and forget it. 

2. Branded emails

You’ve worked hard on your brand. Likely spending countless hours debating brand name options, logo design, colors, fonts, styles…ahhh! We get it and we want you to have the opportunity to showcase your brand on RPC. We are soon offering the option to use your logo and brand name in client emails generated through RPC. Soon, when clients receive contracts, invoices, reminders, etc they can see your brand. You might be thinking, “Cool, but I’m sure there’s an added fee?!” Nope. This is another completely free feature!

3. Invoice templates

Contract templates have been so popular we decided to do the same thing for invoices. This functionality is currently in the works with our Developers but the general idea is that you can save an invoice with the line items, amounts, tax, and payment structure you use consistently so you can easily access it each time – without having to start from scratch. Less time on invoices = big win!

Winter 2020 features to expect

1. Documents

We all want everything in one place. That means contracts, invoices, checklists, seating charts, vendor lists, floor plans…the list goes on. We are in the discovery phase of determining the best and easiest way to accomplish document collaboration. We want you and your clients to be able to access shared documents, make comments, and receive notifications for comments/updates made. Stay tuned for more information on this one – but it’s going to be big!

2. Client resources

RPC is proud of the current client experience but there is SO much more we are working on for folks planning an event. Tools like budget calculators, checklists, etiquette resources, and more. Constantly getting asked the same questions by clients? Or have an idea for how to make their lives easier? Give us a shout at [email protected] with any and all ideas and we would love to include them in our client resources.

3. Inquiry management

Quite honestly, this has been on our roadmap since the beginning. It’s one of those features we want to do 1000% right from the get-go. There are so many inquiry management options out there and we’ve done a LOT of research on all of them. Our goal is to develop a lead/inquiry management solution that offers flexible website integrations and most importantly, a hassle-free user experience. A lot of what we’ve seen and used feels complicated and cumbersome. That’s what we’re working hard to avoid! Beyond excited to roll this one out soon – we know you want it!

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