Our Story

Four Rock Paper Coin Employees creating a digital experience for wedding and event professionals.

About us

We here at Rock Paper Coin celebrate the dreamers. The doer’s. 

We root for the underdog and cheer on the risk takers. We ourselves are dreamers, passionate doers and believers in hard work and trying no matter what. 

Our Team

Creating an environment that fosters collaboration, creativity, happiness and personal and professional growth is something we take seriously here at Rock Paper Coin. We are committed to creating a diverse environment not only internally for our current and future team but for our community and industry as well.

Strengthening our culture and initiatives to support our ongoing diversity and inclusivity efforts will always be at the forefront of our business and our hiring practices. Our women-led team is proudly represented as 60% female, 25% BIPOC, and 9% veterans. While our Rock Paper Coin office is located in Northwest Portland, we have team members, consultants, and investors from across the country. 

Interested in joining us? Head over to our Careers page for up to date information on available positions.

Our actions

We know we play a big part in helping shape the future of our industry and community and it’s not a job we take lightly. In our forever commitment to providing transparency and honesty to our community,  below are just some of the actions we take:

  • At the end of each year, Rock Paper Coin donates to each employee’s charity of choice on their behalf. We are firm believers that giving, even—now, especially—when times are tough, is a top priority.
  • We believe events can be beautiful and viable. That's why we work with third party vendors committed to recycling solutions and sustainability. And, here at RPC, we’ve gone paperless–because who doesn’t love the ease of an e-signature and a digital payment? Cheers to saving a tree, one event at a time.

Cait's Shower

Our diversity pledge

Rock Paper Coin is committed to creating a diverse environment not only internally but for our community and industry as well.  We celebrate diversity, inclusion and individuality and are proud of the fact that our customers come from all walks of life,  just as we do. 

  • We believe that everyone has a voice and deserves to be heard.  
  • We  believe in fighting for what’s right and not stopping when things get uncomfortable. 
  • We promise to continue learning and growing. 

What we simply won’t tolerate is hate.

Rock Paper Coin does not stand for any kind of discrimination, slander, harm, abuse, shaming, or promote illegal activities of any kind.

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