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Nov 24 2021

Letter from our Founders

Another year where Thanksgiving seems to approach out of nowhere and the holiday season fills the air. It’s during this time we can finally pause, and give thanks to all that’s around us.  When we ...
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Oct 26 2021

RPC Folders

You all asked, RPC listened, and we are here to deliver some exciting news! It’s official, RPC members can now upload files + integrate Google Drive into RPC accounts. For business members - start to ...
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Mirror and table with fall decor

Oct 7 2021

Utilize your down time

Take a deep breath, smile, and pour a glass of wine. You, yes you made it through (or are in the home stretch) of a turbulent, unpredictable year. As an industry we handled it with ...
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Sep 28 2021

Get to know your Member Success Manager!

You might hear the word Member Success Manager floating around a lot at Rock Paper Coin HQ. The keyword in that description is success. Either of your Member Success Managers are well equipped to assist ...
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Sep 14 2021

Rock Paper Coin kudos

As business owners and entrepreneurs, it’s not always easy to pause and appreciate our accomplishments. We are always working toward the next thing...and then it’s off to the next! But we do believe it is ...
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Aug 12 2021

All the ways you can get in touch with RPC!

Because you can’t stop/won’t stop, we don’t either! We have taken a unique approach to customer service because even though we are a tech company, we understand that being in the event industry requires an ...
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Jun 25 2021

Common client questions, answered

If anything is causing you confusion or trouble, we want to get to the bottom of it and ensure you are on your way as quickly as possible! We are available by phone or email ...
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Jun 16 2021

Get to know the ins and outs of RPC!

While we hope RPC is easy to adopt and use, we know there are always going to be questions that come up along the way. Here are 5 insider troubleshooting tips and common questions, answered! ...
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Jun 1 2021

Spring Cleaning Part 3 of 3 | Inclusive Language Actually Matters

Though the wedding industry has always been seen as incredibly traditional, long gone are the days of simply saying bride and groom.  Words are powerful and language matters in so many aspects of our life ...
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May 20 2021

Spring Cleaning Part 2 of 3 | Dust off your emergency kit

Behind every great planner is an emergency kit, bag, roller suitcase, or fanny pack. Being prepared is one of a planner’s many strengths - and events are the perfect storm for all kinds of random ...
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