I just signed up, now what?

At RPC, we believe personal relationships make all the difference. Your dedicated account manager will be contacting you to walk through your account set-up and help with any and all questions along the way.

It feels like a lot of information to set up my account. What's up with that?

We understand the account set-up process can feel a little rigorous. Our payment processor, Stripe, follows strict guidelines for accepting payments and verifying identity. The good news is, you will most likely only be asked for your business information once. To review Stripe's requirements in detail, click here. Google, Amazon, and Salesforce use Stripe to power their businesses (just to name a few!) so please know you are in good hands.

I can't log in, help!

Have you checked your email for the verification link? You need to click the link in your email to verify your account before you can access RPC.

My invoice says "pending". What does that mean?

Pending invoice status means a payment has been initiated but hasn’t cleared through our payment processor yet. Timing varies based on bank processing time but credit card transactions generally take 1-2 business days to clear and bank to bank transactions (ACH) take 2-3 business days.

Who do I contact for support?

We are here to help! Please reach out to [email protected] and we’ll respond pronto! Our normal business hours are Monday-Saturday from 8am - 6pm PST.

Something doesn't look right

We support the latest two versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. Be sure you're using an up to date browser - and if things still don't look right, please let us know!

I can't send a contract or invoice, what's up?

These are the most common reasons for contract and invoice errors:

  • Account hasn't been confirmed - please check your email for the verification link
  • Are you an Admin user? Your company needs to grant you Admin privileges to generate contracts and invoices
  • Did another user within your company create the contract? The contract stays assigned to the original user it was created by

My client assigned me, their planner, permission to sign contracts on their behalf. What exactly does this mean?

Your client trusts you and is ready for you to take care of business for them! If this is the case, feel free to take the reins. When signing a contract make sure to list your name "on behalf of" the client's name. For example: Jane Smith on behalf of Kelly Walker. When initialing, it should read your initials "OBO" followed by the client initials. Using the example above: JSOBOKW.

How do I add sales tax to invoices and contracts?

On the invoice or contract creation screen, enter your state sales tax rate (percentage). Note, this will calculate taxes on total. For a list of tax rates by state, click here.

What about refunds?

Not a problem, Rock Paper Coin offers easy refunds! Please note, there is no fee to issue a refund, however the processing fee from the original charge is not returned by our payment processor, Stripe.

So what are your fees?

At RPC, we are 100% transparent about payment processing fees. It's important to you so it's important to us. Here's the deal:

Vendors - You pay a 2.5% fee on all online transactions, the lowest on the market. Should you accept another form of payment, a $5 bookkeeping fee will be charged per invoice.

Clients - RPC is completely free for you, unless you prefer to pay with a credit card. When using a credit card there will be an added 2% fee.

Disputes - a $25 fee is charged to the vendor for any payment dispute. Rock Paper Coin handles working with the banks, so you don't have to. We've got your back!

How do you handle chargebacks (payment disputes)?

We work with you at every point in the chargeback process - from communicating a chargeback, submitting evidence on your behalf (if you would like the dispute challenged), and reporting the final decision from the bank. We know chargebacks are stressful but you will be able to rest a little easier knowing your RPC account manager is well-versed in the process and will make it as painless as possible. 

How do I know my clients/my personal information is secure?

RPC and our partners, including Stripe, HelloSign and Amazon Web Services, use an encryption system and follow the most current security best practices. Safety first!

Do you offer a referral program?

Yes! We are proud to say most of our new clients come by way of referral from current customers. Email [email protected] for details!

Do you offer different plan types?

Nope! We believe all of our clients can benefit from our premium features - no matter the number of events they produce.

Do you integrate with Mailchimp, Quickbooks, or Google Calendar?

We don’t currently offer third party integrations but we are working to release this functionality soon.

Do you have a mobile app?

Our website is optimized for all screen sizes and devices. Developing an app is like swimming upstream but don’t worry - we’ve got our flippers on and we're working on it!

What are your cancellation terms?

You are welcome to cancel your account at anytime and will continue to have access to your account through the duration of your subscription. Link to our full terms of service here