Best holiday client gifts under $30

There’s no doubt that 2020 tested our patience, flexibility, and overall grit! But the good news is…we did it! If you’re like us and you want to spread a little extra holiday love to your clients this year, here’s a list of our 10 favorite gift ideas. The best part? These are all under $30!

Here’s our top 10 holiday client gift list for 2020

1. Holiday socks

Who doesn’t love getting a new pair of cozy, holiday socks?! We love the options (and free shipping) at Sockologie but there are TONS of retailers to choose from.  And there are a couple of really great benefits of gifting socks. 1. Sizing is universal 2. You can get creative with the message or theme! Average cost about $10.

2. Local coffee shop gift card

9 out of 10 people drink coffee or tea (ok we didn’t actually do a survey but we are pretty confident most folks dig beverages!) Gift cards are always great because they can be easily mailed and they allow your client to buy what they want, when they want it. And THIS year local gift cards are more impactful than ever. Small businesses can really use the cash flow right now so purchasing local is a win-win. Consider local restaurants, florists, and boutiques too – just make sure it’s convenient for your client to access! $5-$15 buys a couple of bevs!

3. Gift a tree

Since RPC is on a mission to reduce the paper in our lives, it’s only fitting that we are drawn to sustainability-centered client gifts! One Tree Planted is an amazing non-profit organization based in Vermont that is dedicated to helping rebuild forests devastated by fires. One dollar plants one tree. 

4. Baked treats

We think some of the yummiest flavors surface around the holidays – gingerbread, eggnog, peppermint, buttery toffee, white chocolate, hazelnut, apple spice…we could keep going! But the point is, holiday flavors are delicious and baking holiday treats is an extra special way to show your appreciation. Plan ahead for this one as you’ll want to order the proper containers to ship/deliver your goodies as well as do a couple of practice runs. Not a baker? Call your local bakery and place a special order!

5. Desktop succulent

Succulents are beautiful, simple, and look great on any desk or side table. There are quite a few online retailers for succulent gifts but we really love the packaging and options at Lulu’s Garden. The price point is a little higher (starting at $27) so this might be an option for a smaller list of top clients! Along the same lines, there are cool air plant gifts over at Plants and Beautiful Things.

6. Virtual assistant…wait, what?!

This one is pretty outside the box but PRETTY COOL. Fancy Hands is a team of US-based virtual assistants ready to start working on those tedious tasks that no one wants to do! 


“My cable bill just went up, can you call to negotiate my original price?” 

 “Our fridge is on the fritz, can you research the best refrigerators in our price range and order it?” 

“I need to schedule a doctor appointment – please call the office and book the next available appointment that works with my schedule”

Think about the hours that can be saved when these types of tasks are taken off our plates! Gift subscriptions start at $29.99.

7. Eye mask

Sleep is always a struggle for wedding and event pros. Those long nights and sore feet make it tough to get a good night’s rest. And now, with COVID-19 and the struggles of juggling multiple schedules and a new work/school from home environment, sleep is even harder to come by. That’s why we especially love gifts with a relaxing, “treat yourself” theme. An eye mask is a great way to remind your client they deserve to rest! Consider topping the wrapping off with a sprig of lavender. Estimated cost $10.

8. Customized candy delivery

Sugarwish has to be one of our favorite go-to gifts. It’s EASY to give (purchase online in minutes!) and everyone LOVES it. You select the type of gift (candies, cookies, popcorn), your recipient receives an email and gets to choose their selections, and the gift is shipped in high-quality, fun packaging. They also have branding options so you can include your logo in addition to a custom message. Starting at $19.98.

9. Blue light blocking glasses

Most people increased their screen time in a big way in 2020. With colleague and client meetings going virtual as well as contact with friends and loved ones limited to our phones and computers, our eyes are suffering! Blue light blocking glasses are a great way to reduce some of that eye strain…and look stylish to boot! There are tons of inexpensive, fashion-forward, unisex options to choose from. We like this pair from Amazon that you can split into 2 gifts at just $7 each! And just think of the clever messaging you could use with your gift…Let’s “block out the haters as we ring in 2021.”

10. Cocktail delivery

Not everyone is into boozy gifts but this is a great one if you know your audience will appreciate it! Cocktail Courier “ships cocktails kits with everything you need (including the spirits) to mix up bar-quality drinks from the comfort of your own home.” Think holiday old fashioned, pomegranate paloma, and polar margarita – just to name a few! Starting at $29.99, cheers!

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