So, You Want to Grow a Business?

It’s almost an inevitable thing. You start a wedding business. You book your first clients. You love what you do and you do a great job. You want to do more of it—which means you want to grow your business. And as much as growth is a natural progression of most wedding businesses (whatever form that growth takes), what you don’t want to do is just sit back and hope it happens. Instead, what you want to do is think about how you want to grow as well as what you can and need to do to get there. Today is your lucky day then because we’re breaking down the 3 things you can do when your goal is to grow a business. Read on to find out what they are and get onto making your plan!

Get new and/or more clients

The borderline obvious way to grow a business is by getting new or more clients. And whether you’re booking your first wedding or looking to take on ten more this year, getting more people to book your services is the surest way to increase revenue and grow. But to do this, you need to make sure that potential clients know about you and can easily find you online. This means having an up-to-date website that is optimized for SEO (Need help? Contact Sara Does SEO!), active social media accounts as well as experimenting with digital marketing tactics like blogging, advertising, Pinterest, and email marketing are all things you should consider.

Increase how much your clients spend with you

Another way to grow a business is by getting clients to spend more with you (i.e. increase your average booking value). And there are a few ways this can be done. 

You can offer add-on services or products to upsell: If you offer services, think about what else you can provide in addition to your main or core service. If your wedding business is product-based, think about what else you can add on for a little extra cost that would be attractive to your customers. 

You can raise your prices: Increasing your prices is also an option if you feel like your potential clients will bear it—just make sure not to jump too high or too quickly since you don’t want to necessarily make yourself the most expensive in your market.

You can reposition your offerings: It may sound simple, but it is something we see all the time. And that is wedding pros who list their services with the cheapest service offering at the top and the most expensive at the bottom. If this is you, try reversing the order and putting your most expensive service first.

Pro-tip: Did you know Rock Paper Coin makes it easy to upsell your wedding leads? You can add additional service options to your proposals to prompt them to upgrade!

Increase how often clients buy from or book you

If you’d like to take a more long-play approach to grow your business, then focus on getting clients to become repeat buyers. This means looking for ways to touch base with them after their wedding—through things like thank you notes, holiday cards, check-in emails, or discounts for future services. The bottom line is, you need to work on building real relationships with your clients if you ever expect them to come back, so do what you need to stay top-of-mind! Because doing so will ensure that when the time comes for them to book again, they’ll think of you first.

Bonus: Get Educated

Part of being a business owner is investing in yourself and your future businesses with education. From business coaches and online communities to conferences and summits, there are so many different options to choose from. Start your search off by looking into these educators, vetted by RPC.

Certified Wedding Planners Society
Refine for Wedding Planners
Chancey Charm Wedding Planner Community 

No matter how you decide to grow your wedding business, one thing is certain: it will require some effort on your part. But if you know what your goal is and have a plan in place, then you’re well on your way to success! So, take our advice and start thinking about how you can best grow your business today. 

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