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Jul 2 2020

Take control of your email

6 email tips that you should start following now! Emails are more important now than ever. With face to face meetings cancelled for the foreseeable future, written and virtual communication are our only methods for ...
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Jun 4 2020

Women-led companies are good for business

Rock Paper Coin is extremely proud to be women-owned and led! Sadly, in the tech industry, only 5% of startups are owned by women. And even more shocking is the lack of racial diversity. According ...
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May 18 2020

Keep the kids busy during quarantine!

Running out of ways to entertain the kiddos at home? We’ve got 6 fun and easy ideas to keep them busy and learning new things! 1. Do a virtual trip to the zoo Many zoos ...
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May 8 2020

Favorite celebrity mom quotes in honor of Mother’s Day!

A lot of the advice spinning around in our heads - and likely our subconscious - is stuff we heard from our moms. We want to celebrate Mother’s Day by sharing some uplifting advice and ...
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Apr 30 2020

Rock Paper Coin in the news!

With businesses closed and social distancing still in full-swing, the RPC team is focusing on creative ways to stay connected with the event community we love. We are joining forces with event organizations and industry ...
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Apr 14 2020

5 ways RPC can help your business during the COVID crisis

In these current, uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to know where every dollar is going - and to make the most of your booked services. While it's not exactly a fun task, industry ...
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home desk

Apr 6 2020

5 tips the RPC Team has for working from home

The work from home life has its share of positives - sleeping a little later, sporting activewear (or let’s be real, pajamas) the entire day, doing a few loads of laundry in-between calls or meetings, ...
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Mar 25 2020

Top 10 podcasts the Rock Paper Coin Team is binge-listening to!

Many of us have found ourselves working from home during the COVID-19 crisis. We hope you and your families are staying healthy and getting extra rest. But we know working from home - amidst the ...
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Mar 19 2020

Getting through the COVID-19 crisis together

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 outbreak is causing devastating impacts on our health, economy, and everyday lives. With cases on the rise, travel bans, event cancellations, business and school closures, and increasingly bare ...
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Mar 11 2020

Why you should think twice about accepting check payments

Checks have been a common form of payment since the early 20th century. They were originally introduced to eliminate the need for carrying large sums of money. And while they are still in use by ...
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