Discovering a path to business growth amidst a global pandemic – 5 takeaways we’ve learned from 2020!

Each and every one of us felt the impacts of 2020 in one way or another. For most of us in the event industry, our businesses struggled and we were forced to learn new tactics, re-focus our energies, and find creative ways to stay afloat. We know the ringing in of the new year didn’t make for an instant turnaround, but we are hopeful for better things ahead in 2021. Recently, one of our co-founders, Elizabeth Sheils, sat down with Crunchbase and shared some of the valuable lessons RPC learned as a company over the past year. 

5 key takeaways that will not only help your business survive 2021, but to grow and thrive!

1. Brand audits are essential for business growth

“Your brand is the extension of your company that goes out into the world to capture the hearts of your target market and turns prospects into booked clients. Taking this time to examine your brand is incredibly important as we head into a year of uncertainty.” This seems like a straightforward initiative, but when done right, takes a significant amount of time and covers all channels.

2. Great businesses have great data

“It’s true: Data makes the world go ’round. If you want to grow your business, you need to understand the effective strategies that work in your company and those that don’t. The only real way to gain concrete insights about your business performance is through quantitative data. Install Google Analytics on your website (if you haven’t already) and check your social media profiles to keep track of the most valuable metrics that signify success (or failure)—click rates, traffic, inquiries, engagement on individual posts, and so on.”

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3. Partnerships are where the magic happens.

“Despite all of the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, it has had a way of bringing the business community closer through the shared experience. Are there other businesses you’d like to work with that align with your clients on another level? Is there a company that offers similar but different services? Toss out a line and explore the options at your disposal. Partnerships can vary from discounted packages combining services to shared email campaign lists or social media cross-promotion.”

The partnerships RPC was able to form in 2020 were hands-down our most important and valuable accomplishment.

4. Every dollar must matter.

“Many companies, agencies and consultants are offering discounts to drum up business. If you have the resources available, now is a great time to invest in some contracts to help expand your reach and grow your business. Hire an ad agency to start up a social media campaign or book a consultant to help break down the steps to reach your big goals. It’s a good time to maximize each and every dollar, so don’t be afraid to try something new.”

5. It’s up to you to remove client barriers.

“Growing a company is an impressive feat on its own, but it won’t grow if there are any obstacles for new clients. Barriers can be anything from a website that won’t load on a mobile device, a broken contact form, a FAQ page that doesn’t answer the right questions, or a consultation that doesn’t sell clients on the value of the product or service.” 

We spend most of our day to day keeping up with emails, managing spreadsheets, and collaborating with clients and colleagues. Don’t forget to carve out time on a regular basis to look at your business from a different angle – if you were a potential client, would you have any barriers to booking?

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