How do I transition clients to Rock Paper Coin?

Recently signed up for RPC and wondering what to do with existing clients? We’ve got hassle-free tips to make the transition easy for both you and your clients!

Clients who have signed a contract and paid an invoice prior to RPC


No need to shake things up. For clients who already have an executed contract outside of RPC, hang onto that document and reference it in your previous system  – or better yet, download to your computer for easy access. For any changes or updates to the contract — for instance, a date change addendum — feel free to use RPC to generate that new document. Just send an invitation to your client along with the revised contract or contract addendum. 

Tip: A document portal is coming soon to RPC…this will be a great place to upload any and all previous documents so that all items pertaining to clients can be stored in their RPC profile!


If your client has already signed a contract, chances are they have made an initial payment to secure your services. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with RPC invoicing. Just pick up where things left off! Send your client one invoice for all future/unpaid invoices. Here’s 2 ways to send the invoice:

  1. Send a guest invoice – if you think your client may be sensitive to signing up for an RPC account, you can send a guest invoice to cover all their subsequent payments. They will view and pay all invoice installments from a link in their email, no sign-up needed. 

Tip: If you send a guest invoice and your client decides to sign up, they will be able to access guest invoices in their RPC account!

  1. Send a client invoice – client invoices require your client sign up for a (free!) RPC account. The sign-up process takes less than 2 minutes and allows them to view/pay an invoice from their account, have a secure portal for storing multiple payment methods, and easily keep track of expenses. In addition, they can invite other vendors to send invoices to their RPC account and keep track of things in one place! 

3 tips for both guest and client invoices

  • You can attach previous paid invoices as an attachment so that your client has a quick reference to payments across both platforms
  • You can list previous payments received, dates, and details in the notes box
  • You can list any previous payments received as a “discount” on your RPC invoice so that the entire service agreement amount is reflected.


Client paid you a $500 deposit prior to joining RPC and has a remaining balance of $4,500…

  1. List your $5,000 total invoice amount in the line items
  2. Add a $500 discount on the invoice (using the discount toggle on the bottom of the invoice)
  3. Add a note in the “notes” field to indicate that the discount reflects a prior payment made of $500

Clients who have not signed a contract or made any payments prior to RPC

Cool, this is easy – send them an invitation, contract and invoice through RPC! 

If you have any further questions about how to transition to RPC or feedback for how we can make it easier for you, please let us know at [email protected]

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