Instagram 101 for Wedding Vendors

Recently Instagram has become a frowned-upon platform. With so many new updates and features launching weekly and experts providing contradicting information, it’s no wonder small business owners are overwhelmed. But have no fear; it really doesn’t have to be so complicated and we’ll show you why:

First, you must see Instagram as an ever-evolving, FREE, online networking group. The app prioritizes connection, community building, authenticity, and all the accounts who prioritize them. Second,  Instagram is where most couples are finding new trends and are doing their vendor research and vetting, so you need to show up genuinely and consistently. 

Let’s break down the proven strategies (aka The 4C Method) you should follow no matter what new features or updates come along. 

Are you ready friends? LET’S DO THIS!

Content Strategy

It’s no secret that content is essential for wedding vendors; however, content needs to go beyond pretty pictures and using quotes as captions. But how? Here are some steps to follow:

  • Step 1: Identify the best days & times to post based on your audience behavior using your Instagram Insights! (Step-by-step guide here) 
  • Step 2: Define your business “Content Pillars” or content types you will createyour  content around every week. Choose 3-4 of the following:
    • Promote
    • Educate
    • Inspire
    • Motivate
    • Entertain
    • Personal/Business Journey
  • Step 3:  Create your content calendars at the beginning of the month. This will help save time and avoid last-minute content paralysis. Also be sure to have a wide range of business and personal content so clients and vendors can get to know the real you and relate/connect.
  • Step 4: Write meaningful and engaging captions. All captions should tell a story, provide value to your audience, and include a call to action (CTA) of what they should do after reading your post. Here’s a written and visual example below:
    • I.e. “What tip did you like best? Let me know below!” or “Have a question? My DMs are always open!”

Community Engagement

Everyone uses Instagram differently. Some for finding clients and customers and some for connecting to vendors and industry contacts. Whatever your plan, you need to prioritize nurturing your social media community, no matter how big or small it currently is. In order for Instagram to be successful, you have to be, well… social! So the more you interact with others, the more they will interact with you. But more importantly, the more the Instagram algorithm will help reach your potential audience! 

The Plan: Ensure you designate 30 minutes a day Monday – Friday to engage with your audience. Put the task on your calendar, turn on your phone timer, and just get started!

Here is a real strategy schedule you can follow: 

  • Engage 10 minutes with other people’s posts
  • Engage 10 minutes on stories
  • Engage 10 minutes on hashtags where your ideal audience is

Don’t forget to also:

  • Respond to ALL comments on your posts
  • Engage with posts, stories, and accounts you want to connect with
  • Respond to DM’s promptly


Weddings are a special time for your future clients, but hiring the right vendors can be stressful. Standing out in a sea of other seemingly similar businesses seems impossible but it’s not! Connect with potential clients by showing your face, being relatable and authentic – this will help guide them directly to you! You see, couples are more likely to book a vendor they’ve connected with on Instagram when they can already feel a personal connection to them in someway. 

Ready to get started? Here’s your game plan:

1. Hop on your stories at least once a day and give couples a glimpse into your everyday life, your business life, your past clients or your passions and future goals. 

2. Show your face on your feed and let them get to know the real you.
Post your to-do list, talk about your struggles as a business owner, ask your community if they prefer pizza over pasta and show past clients. Future clients want to see themselves in your feed! 

3. On both stories and posts – be transparent, be raw, and be authentically YOU. You are what makes your business special and what makes it worth investing in. 

4. Connect, connect, connect! To vendors, to your community, to future clients and past. All of this will lead to…


Follow the above strategies and the inquiries will start coming. In the meantime, focus on creating content that brings you joy and is fun to create. Provide value to your audience, and prioritize making your current followers feel seen, heard, understood.

Remember: If doing all or any of the above feels overwhelming or is stressful, it’s time to outsource your social media to a social media manager who will take your online presence to the next level for you. 
Ready to try Rock Paper Coin? Use code SMSMEDIA to get a discount Our guest blogger is Maria Del Mar Olivia and she is the owner and founder of SMS Media. Have follow-up questions or want to inquire about her services (you should she is awesome!)? Her Instagram DMs are always open or you can send her an email here.

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