Instagram Engagement Strategy for Wedding Vendors

We all know Instagram is one of the most powerful marketing platforms for wedding vendors to promote and grow their businesses. Some love it, some hate it, but the pressure to show up consistently and keep up with all the new updates is present for all of us.

What if we told you there’s a way you can grow your community, increase your account engagement, and start attracting more couples while also spending ¼ of the time you currently spend on Instagram? Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s possible, and our guest blogger, Maria del Mar Oliva from SMS Media developed a simple and sustainable daily engagement strategy that does just that!

The 10/10/5/5/ Strategy

Step 1 — Pull up the “Clock” app on your phone and set a timer for 10 minutes (you will have to repeat this step 2 times)

Step 2 — Focus the first 10 mins interacting with other people’s posts.

“But how do I interact?” Like and comment on posts from people you follow that light you up, you genuinely like, or find interesting. Skip all the posts that don’t speak to you. Don’t forget to read the captions carefully and respond with a comment that provides value or responds to the post’s Call to Action.

Step 3 — Spend 10 mins interacting with your audience’s stories

Listen and read your followers’ stories. Respond with genuine comments, questions, or feedback based on what they had to say. Again please skip any stories that don’t speak to you or make you feel anxious.

Step 4 — Now, set a timer for 5 minutes

Step 5 — Focus your last 5 mins engaging in hashtags

Keep a running list of hashtags where your ideal clients are likely hanging out at or using to find your services. For example, do they like wineries? If so, engage in local hashtags such as #___(your city)winery #______(your city)wine.What hashtags are they likely using to find your services? Maybe: #________(your city)wedding, #______(your city)wedding planner #______(your city)weddingphotographer. Choose one hashtag per day and follow the tips on step #1 above.

Step 6 — Focus 5 mins answering DMs, comments & welcoming new followers

One of the most overlooked steps in the engagement process but such a crucial part of community building on Instagram. Ensuring you respond to direct messages, and comments from your followers or fellow vendors. Remember Instagram is a FREE online networking event happening 24/7 and we must treat it as such. 

However, the most important step might just be welcoming new followers. How? Sending them a quick message saying hi and how grateful you are for them to be joining your community. 

And voila, follow the above steps consistently from Monday to Friday and see how your community starts to grow organically with potential collaborators, ideal clients, and people who you love connecting with! 

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Our guest blogger is Maria Del Mar Olivia and she is the owner and founder of SMS Media. Have follow-up questions or want to inquire about her services (you should, she is awesome!)? Her Instagram DMs are always open or you can send her an email here.

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