Invite UNLIMITED team members to collaborate in your RPC account!

One thing RPC is most proud of is growing along with our members. Celebrating YOUR growth and success is hands-down one of our favorite thrills . We know many of you are expanding your teams to accommodate a higher number of events this year and we want to make sure your RPC account is set up to scale with you! 

Check out the deets on our latest update, “inviting unlimited team members” below!

1. What type of account do I need in order to invite unlimited team members?

So glad you asked. ALL business accounts are eligible to invite as many team members as desired! No extra charge. We got you.

2. How do I invite a team member?

Head to your “Team” page and click the “+ MEMBER” button to enter the name and email address of the team member you would like to invite. They will receive an email with a link to sign up underneath your business account umbrella.

3. Can I set different permissions for different team members?

Absolutely! There are 3 different account permission types:

  • “Members” are able to view the clients that are assigned to them. They cannot send contracts or invoices, but they can upload and share documents with a client in the client “FOLDERS.” Note, new invited members will default to “MEMBER” access
  • “Admins” are able to view all clients, send contracts and invoices
  • An “Owner” is typically the business owner and is responsible for all aspects of their RPC account including pay-to and charge account information. All new members will default to being assigned to the Owner.

Pro tip: If you delete or deactivate a team member, the Owner will automatically be assigned all outstanding contracts and invoices from the archived team member You can always reactivate team members as well!. Here is an article about deleting a team member from your RPC account.

4. With multiple team members, will I still see all of my company contracts, invoices, and clients?

Yes! The beauty of team members on RPC is that you still have visibility into all client activity, contract and invoice status, folders and files, etc without being on every single email thread (was that a sigh of relief we heard?!) View the client profile for a summary of activity or your Contracts and Invoices tabs.  

Ready to take some of the weight off your shoulders?! Go ahead, invite a team member to take action in your RPC account today – and enjoy a cleaner inbox!

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