Keep the kids busy during quarantine!

Running out of ways to entertain the kiddos at home? We’ve got 6 fun and easy ideas to keep them busy and learning new things!

1. Do a virtual trip to the zoo

Many zoos and aquariums are doing daily live videos with animal caretakers,  exhibits and animals. Tuning in is a great way to spark conversations and learning lessons about animals. The San Diego Zoo’s live cams are one of the best – with amazing footage of tigers, penguins, polar bears, and tons more!

2. Watch a movie with their friends

We know too much screen time is a no-no BUT the new Netflix Chrome browser extension, Netflix Party is a fun way for little ones (and parents!) to enjoy a movie with friends and family from down the street or far away.  The extension lets users synchronize playback between everyone who’s watching, play and pause the video, and adds a chat window. Kids can enjoy some popcorn and a movie with their pals! 

3. Have a pretend campout

Pick a nice day and go all-out with a tent (couldn’t we all use an extra practice session on tent set-up?), BBQ, share stories over smores, and sleep outside. It’s something the kids will remember far beyond quarantine days!

4. Get them dancing!

Dancing Alone Together is perfect for getting kiddos to MOVE and shake some of the wiggles out! Dancing Alone Together is a website resource listing TONS of Facebook live, Instagram live, Youtube live, and Zoom dance classes – from ballet to tap to hip hop to learning choreography from your favorite music videos! It’s a fun way to let kids explore dance from the comfort of home.

5. Plant a garden

Don’t let spring pass you by without a few pots of herbs or plants. Get the kids involved in every step – from helping you pick out what to plant, doing the planting – they can get creative making their own planters, and watering regularly. They may be more excited about it than you think! 

6. Experiment in the kitchen

Have the next celebrity kid chef on your hands? Head over to America’s Test Kitchen – Kids for fun activities, experiments and recipes! Don’t worry, we checked out the recipes and they are adult taste bud approved – s’mores rice cereal treats, breakfast tacos, kale chips, cranberry-almond no bake energy bites and more. Not that we needed another excuse to eat more during quarantine but here it is.


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