Now is the time for a tech audit of your business

We know the word ‘audit’ causes most creatives to cringe but with the COVID-19 crisis – and the changes its forced event businesses to make – there is no room for error with our tech practices. Client emotions and expectations are higher than ever and we need to show them we have the proper digital systems in place to address all aspects of their event as well as make the process as easy as possible for them. We shared a few straightforward and easy tech tips on catersource that we want to share here as well! 

3 quick and easy tech tips

1. Get your virtual meeting process dialed.

There are several great, free options for virtual meetings – Google hangouts, skype, zoom, and more. Try out the various systems and pick which works best for you. And most importantly, practice! Do a couple of practice calls with friends or family to ensure you know how to use the software and can troubleshoot if necessary!

Focus on team collaboration

We love this one. With little to no face to face time with your team, it’s harder to feel a sense of connection. Employ a free system like slack or even a facebook group to allow team members to chat about projects, personal life, and share funny videos.

3. Simplify client account management

There is no better way to wow clients than by making things easy for them. Make sure your contract, invoice, payment, and communication systems are digital. This will save time for both you and your clients.

To read the full article – and for more tips to step up your tech game, click here.

Resource: Catersource

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