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You all asked, RPC listened, and we are here to deliver some exciting news! It’s official, RPC members can now upload files + integrate Google Drive into RPC accounts.

For business members – start to store company files and upload + share imperative information with clients and/or vendors seamlessly through your account! Yes, that right we will say it louder for the people in back…you can now store company + client files on RPC!!! 

And for our client members (folks planning an event) we think this will be a big benefit and time saver for you too! Now keep track of all your contracts, invoices, budgets, spreadsheets, designs, and more – from vendors on RPC or not – all in one place!

Folders for RPC business members

Here’s where to access the new “Folders” feature for RPC business members (planners, florists, photogs, deejays, etc…we got you!)

There are two new pages to access – Client Folders and Company Folders.

Client Folders

Upload and organize

This is how a Client Folders page looks. Click on a client name (or “view) to upload files specifically for a client event or project. Any and ALL file types are accepted so don’t hesitate to store images, design boards, videos, and audio files along with documents, spreadsheets, timelines and more! The beauty is that all important information for a particular client can be stored on this page so you always know where to find it! And there is no limit to the number of files uploaded. 

Share documents with clients or vendors

Sharing documents means less emails (YAY!)

Not every vendor needs to have each and every single document in their hands, so minimize the amount of information they are receiving by choosing who will receive each shared file to ensure a smooth communication channel. You will be able to see immediately who you shared that file with by hovering over profile icons – and update, as needed!

Company Folders

This is what your Company Folders page looks like. This is the perfect place to store internal files you reference frequently and want even easier access to! These files are not shareable with clients or other organizations. You can create new folders, and files within folders so you can organize and reorganize until your heart’s content!

Get creative

We can’t wait to see how you utilize the new Folder features for your business. There are SO many different ways to incorporate folders into your workflows – for example, want to get to know your clients on a more personal level? Instead of sending out a questionnaire for clients to fill out, ask them to upload a video and get to know all about their love story!

Want to transition clients over to RPC but you have so many contracts, invoices, and notes for them in other systems? Yes! Bring those files over to their client folder, send their remaining invoices through RPC (while saving some moolah in the process) and enjoy viewing everything for them in one place. 

Are you a client member (planning an event) on RPC? Here’s how you can start to utilize your new FOLDERS feature today!

You will now see a new menu item on your dashboard, called “Folder”. From here, you are able to upload your own personal files and share with your RPC vendor team or not. All to help ease the stress of planning a major event – and being able to see every event detail come to life from the security of your RPC account! Here’s a sneak peak at how easy it is to share files with your vendors.

Choose if you would like to share with any of your vendors:

Note, if you are working with an RPC planner, they will automatically have access to view your files to ensure quick and easy collaboration. You can update this setting anytime in your profile.

Sounds like a winning feature if you ask us!

Google Drive + RPC

This feature allows both business and client members to link a Google drive account with an RPC account! Link your account once and then enjoy accessing anything in your Drive account within RPC!

There is so much in store for Google documents + company folders,  this is only the beginning! Do not hesitate to reach out to your designated Member Success Manager with any questions about how best to utilize this feature or check out this helpful tutorial that walks you through the process (insert video link once made). 

Not currently a member of RPC – no problem, it’s time to streamline your workflow and jumpstart your success. Signup today at rockpapercoin.com

We thank all of you for your continued support and feedback, so don’t be afraid to keep it coming. We love to deliver on those promises we make to you all!

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