RPC Resources

Have you checked out the latest and greatest RPC feature – Resources? We’ve partnered with some of our favorite industry experts to provide tips, tricks, and templates for navigating all types of industry gotchas – like tough client conversations and resetting expectations, copied websites, requesting reviews and more.

Plus, the RPC Resource library has valuable questionnaires, checklists, and email templates to save you HOURS on your day to day tasks. No more reinventing the wheel or wondering if your docs are up to par – these resources are tried and true from seasoned pros like Terrica of Terrica Inc & Cocktails, Skylar Caitlin, Refine for Wedding Planners + more!

What you need to know about RPC Resources:

1. Where do I access these amazing resources? All the goods are found on your new Resources page where you can not only view the items, but also download!

2. What’s it gonna cost me? Nothing! This is another benefit of being a part of the #rpccommunity

3. What’s next? We’re so glad you asked. This is only the beginning. We are working to partner with additional pros to add to this resource library as often as possible. And if you have ideas for additional topics that you’d like to see, please let us know!

Cheers to another RPC feature that we hope makes your day to day simpler!

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