RPC Unfiltered Talks: A Masterclass on Entrepreneurship with Todd Fiscus

When trends shift and clients demand “new,” it can be hard to stay on-brand. Fear not! This RPC Unfiltered Talks episode dives deep with Todd Fiscus, an event maestro with 40-plus years of experience in the industry including full-scale event production, floral design, hospitality sales and management, culinary art, interior design and consulting, restaurant design and ownership, event space and logistical consulting, and more!

Todd shares his secrets to staying relevant and how entrepreneurship has been both liberating and empowering. Let’s unpack his masterclass!

  • Embrace Change: Todd advises us to roll with the punches and experiment with new trends. It’s all about evolving and staying ahead of the game.
  • Be Authentic: Stand out from the crowd by staying true to yourself and your values. Authenticity is your superpower in a world full of copycats.
  • Communicate Clearly: Smooth sailing at events starts with transparent communication. Keep those lines open with clients, vendors, and your team to build trust and avoid chaos.
  • Think Long-Term: Todd’s not just about chasing trends; he’s all about building a solid foundation for lasting success. Focus on your long-term goals and strategies.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help: Whether it’s seeking out mentors or collaborating with others, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re all in this together!
  • Remember the Bigger Picture: Events aren’t just about pretty decorations – they’re about creating unforgettable experiences and forging meaningful connections.

P.S. Did we mention Todd’s humor? This blog post only scratches the surface! Head over to the full episode and get ready to be entertained and empowered!

Ready to dive deeper? Join Todd and his team for the Spring 2024 PILLARS Conference – a program centered on the seven essential foundations of event production. The conference aims to be the ultimate source in mastering special event production to offer new, aspiring, and experienced event professionals a clear foundation toward success. Register for the Spring 2024 event here.

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