RPC Unfiltered Talks: Building an Authentic Brand with Josh Spiegel

Ever dreamt of transforming your passion into a booming event planning business? Look no further than Josh Spiegel, the mastermind behind Birch Events. This RPC Unfiltered Talk dives into the world of event planning, but with a twist: here, we unlock the secrets to building a brand that transcends aesthetics, prioritizing authenticity and exceptional client care.

RPC Unfiltered: Becoming More Than Just Your Brand with Josh Spiegel from Birch Events

Finding Your Niche

  • Identify your passions: Design? Seeing it all come together? Making client dreams a reality? Identify your passion to guide your niche.
  • Leverage your expertise: Your existing skills and knowledge can be a powerful asset. Leverage your expertise to create unique event experiences.
  • Market research matters: Understand the competition in your niche. What gaps can you fill? This will help you attract your ideal clients.

Perhaps the most valuable lesson Josh offers is the power of authenticity. In an industry obsessed with flawless visuals, prioritize genuine connections and open communication with clients. In a world overflowing with “fluff,” people appreciate realness. 

Success in the event industry requires the right tools by your side. Rock Paper Coin helps you free yourself from the burden of paperwork and focus on what you do best: crafting magical experiences! 

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