RPC Unfiltered

Introducing RPC Unfiltered: A monthly webinar series where real pros dig deep and speak "unfiltered" about what it's really like to run a business. These are not your typical industry webinars. RPC Unfiltered will evoke real, raw, and vulnerable conversations with event pros who have a powerful story to share. What can you expect?
  • Valuable insights and tips from experienced event pros.
  • Real-world examples of running a business behind the scenes.
  • The opportunity to ask straight up questions.
Join us each month for a unique opportunity to get real with our community. See what's coming and register for our next RPC Unfiltered webinar below. Can't attend? No problem, we'll send you the recording!

Up next for April

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Missing photos, angry photographers, social media snafus – sound familiar? We've been there! You'll see what not to do, hear stories like that time a major hotel chain misplaced their entire photo catalog (YIKES!), and learn from her organizational nightmares. Join us for a hilarious and helpful session with Julie Novack of Party Slate that will be part therapy session and part strategy guide!

Up next for May

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Not all education (or educators) are created equal and it feels like there are so many conferences, summits, workshops, courses, and memberships popping up all over the industry. Many of them come with a hefty price tag and it can be a struggle to determine which ones are genuinely worth the investment and which ones are, well, not. In this discussion, we dive into the complexities of industry education: what's worth it, what you really need, how to spot a good educator, and provide practical tips to help you make better investment choices regarding education.

rather watch on your time?

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