Setting goals for 2021

Goals may have flown out the window for 2020 but that doesn’t mean we can’t set new ones (and maybe carry some over) for 2021! Setting business goals for 2021 is critical – even though we don’t know the full picture for events in the coming year. We understand – the thought of setting goals and objectives for a year with so many question marks seems like a waste of time. It’s true that there are a lot of unknowns for 2021 and we are going to need to continue to roll with the punches. But that doesn’t mean we should skip the ever-important exercise of goal setting. 

Give me one good reason why I should set goals for 2021…we’ll give you three!

1. Setting goals when things are uncertain is MORE important than in a year of stability

The very fact that things are so topsy turvy and unknown is exactly why we need to set goals. We may not be able to control how many events we end up executing or the size of events, but we can set a goal for new bookings, for example! Or more streamlined business processes (ah hem, that’s where we come in!) or better email management, etc. There are always goals we can and should focus on.

2. Celebrating successes (no matter how small) is crucial after such a rough year

Don’t spend any more time or energy thinking about what didn’t happen in 2020. Time to give yourself small, achievable goals for 2021 that you can celebrate accomplishing! Things like listening to two educational podcasts per month, keeping a clean inbox (where are you, inbox zero!), or joining a virtual networking group are a few great ways to start.

3. Mark a fresh start

Studies show that setting goals can trigger a “fresh start” psychologically and we could all use a reset, am I right?!

We really admire the go-getters that love setting goals but some of us dread the process and could use a little help. Read on for some straightforward goal setting tips to get you on your way in no time!

Tips for goal setting in 2021

  1. Be specific. The best way to achieve goals is to start with specific goals that you can tackle bit by bit! If you have a large initiative, note that but then break it out into smaller goals. 
  2. Write it down. Ok or type it out. But whatever you do, don’t just let it live in your head. Goals need to be on paper or saved in a doc that you regularly see. This way, you will be constantly reminded about where you are in the process and what you’ve already accomplished!
  3. Treat yourself. Rewards work great for kids (usually!) so why wouldn’t they work for us?! Treat yourself to something you’ve been wanting to buy or do – but only when you accomplish the goal at hand. A lot of goals aren’t easy or fun to work toward so give yourself a reward to help keep you going!
  4. Tell others. Setting and monitoring goals is one thing – but making yourself accountable by sharing them with a family member, friend, colleague, or mentor takes it to the next level. They’ll enjoy going on the journey with you – and encouraging you along the way!
  5. Set deadlines. Not every goal should be set to achieve at the end of the following year. Doing a year-end deadline across the board makes it easy to put things off and also robs you of checking goals off your list – and feeling that sense of accomplishment -throughout the year!


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