Staying Real on Social Media

How often do we feel the pull to do more on social media? Get more followers, learn to make reels, and post only during the best 3 hours in the day. It’s a lot! The pressure to show up authentically when you are doing everything, but that, is seen and felt industry-wide. Let this be the reset you need to hear today, and take these steps that ARE actually important to growing your authentic community on social media.

💫 Be consistent! Instagram doesn’t care what picture or video you’re posting; it just cares that you do. So worry less about what you’re going to post, and care more about HOW you post by showing up with YOUR authentic self!

💫 Know your followers (current and future)! The only way to grow an authentic community is to know who makes up that community. Engage and interact with those that follow you, and make time to find and engage with those that don’t. After all, expanding your network and growing your circle is what social media is for. Your community is investing in you; invest back!

💫 Are you using it right? We know that sounds silly, but there are ways to use social media to find new followers and have your content seen by those who want to see it.

✅ Check for relevant hashtags and use them consistently. You can start by seeing who your favorites use and then keep a note of them on your phone to add when you post. Check for new hashtags that seem relevant to you often so you can start showing up in the circles you want to be in. 

✅  Are you posting at odd times? Living by the social media posting calendar can be excessive but posting at 2 am isn’t the best idea either. Post when it’s most convenient for you AND when you have the time to reply back.

Some of our favorite social media tools we use here at RPC are:

  • Trello – We love this tool so we can road map out our content monthly for all outbound content. Knowing what messaging and information we want to send out to our community allows us to ensure it’s relevant and authentic
  • Planoly – We use this to deploy our monthly social media so we can load up weeks of content quickly and efficiently across our social channels
  • Hautstock – Our community is filled with incredible professionals that we love to highlight and celebrate, however sometimes you just need some solid stock photos! We turn to Hautestock for the diversity and wide range of content, plus we love supporting other woman owned businesses!

Most importantly, remember to have fun! This is your digital footprint and your virtual front door and it’s important to make sure it shows the true you. If it’s still overwhelming or you have a plan for rapid growth – consider outsourcing to a social media manager who can get the job done without causing you any more stress!

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