Take control of your email

6 email tips that you should start following now!

Emails are more important now than ever. With face to face meetings cancelled for the foreseeable future, written and virtual communication are our only methods for making an impression with prospects and relaying information to current clients. So now is the time to take control of our inboxes so we can be organized and on track. For a recent post on the Special Events Blog, one of our co-founders, Elizabeth, provided some really helpful email tips. Here are a few highlights:

Email folders

“Everything in your inbox should be a real-time action item; the rest should be filed away”. Ouch, those words hit home but we couldn’t agree more. The items in your inbox should be items that you need to take action on. The rest should be filed for referencing later. Read the full article here for more of Elizabeth’s folder recommendations.

Set “office hours”

This is tough in any circumstance – but especially now – with our work and home lives being intertwined 24/7. But when you are consistent and stick to a schedule for email correspondence, you’ll find you have more of a feeling of balance. 

Strategically work your way through new emails

Start by clearing out junk and promotional items first. Then tackle the quickest/easiest to respond to. If your email reply will take more than a few minutes, let the sender know you received the message and will follow up in detail shortly.

Game plan!

Now that you have an idea of what your inbox looks like, schedule the appropriate time on your calendar to respond to the more tedious or detailed requests. Click here to view tips on handling the pesky emails that need ‘unsubscribing’ and how to use gmail tasks effectively.

Stick to your response time

Clients expect speedy responses so level-set by replying quickly and letting them know when you need more time for a thorough answer or reply.

The Art of Canning

It can be difficult to know the right time and place for using canned responses. Consider personalizing templates a bit so your clients know it’s still ‘you’. And most importantly, utilize a partner like Rock Paper Coin for the necessary canned emails such as payment reminders or contract signature requests.  

For more detail on the email tips above, head over to the Special Events Blog and to sign up for Rock Paper Coin free, click here.

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