Three Reasons Wedding Planners Love Sending Digital Invoices

It’s no secret, a lot of wedding planners have Type A personalities. Sure, all personality types can be found in wedding planners, but so many are Type A, and for a good reason. Type A personality traits typically include being organized, detail-oriented, proactive, and driven to achieve goals.

Wedding planning requires all of those things – sometimes all at once to ensure everything runs smoothly on the big day. These responsibilities often demand meticulous planning, attention to detail, and the ability to handle pressure. Many wedding planners with Type A traits thrive in this environment as they excel at multitasking, time management, and maintaining control over various aspects of the wedding planning process.

So why is it that so many wedding planners are quick to adopt digital invoices? We asked around and three main reasons stood out: 

  1. Professionalism and Transparency: By sending digital invoices, wedding planners demonstrate professionalism and create a clear record of the services provided and the associated costs. Invoices outline all the details of the wedding planning services, including the agreed-upon prices, payment terms, and due dates. By having the invoice digital this helps in maintaining transparency and ensures that both the wedding planner and the couple have a documented reference to access at any point of the planning process. 
  2. Financial Management and Cash Flow:  By sending digital invoices, wedding planners can keep track of payments received and outstanding balances, enabling them to manage their cash flow more efficiently. Wedding planners are able to break their invoices into multiple installments (average 3), selecting due dates that align with their planning timeline and business cash flow. Gone are the days of a small retainer and large payment before the wedding. Businesses thrive on good cash management, and wedding planners have caught on to this trend.
  3. Client Communication and Expectation Management: Sending digital invoices helps in managing expectations by clearly outlining the financial obligations and ensuring that the couple understands the breakdown of the costs involved. In case of any discrepancies or changes in the services, invoices serve as a reference point for discussion and clarification. No one likes last minute surprises, especially when it comes in the form of a big bill. Keeping digital invoices up to date and accessible for all parties ensures on time payments. 

Overall, sending digital invoices is a professional practice that benefits both the wedding planner and the couple. It helps maintain clarity, financial organization, and effective communication throughout the wedding planning process.

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-Jill Robertson Events

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