Tips for managing a flaky client

We all know too well the client who loses emails, forgets to sign contracts, doesn’t have checks to make a payment, etc. Gone are the days of babysitting these clients.  Enter RPC – taking the client management responsibility off your shoulders. Here are tips for managing those lovable but flaky clients on RPC.

1. RPC makes vendor, planner, and client collaboration possible

Stop tracking down emails, documents, and notifications in various systems. All vendors are in one place with RPC. Vendors connect with clients by the click of a button. All contracts and invoices are sent, viewed, and processed seamlessly – with automated due date reminders for everyone. Vendor lists are visible in one dashboard so everyone is in the loop. 

2. Planners have added control on RPC

Sometimes clients are ‘hands-off’ because their careers and daily lives are already so hectic. As a planner on RPC, you can act on behalf of clients to ensure there are no bottlenecks in the process, due dates missed, or unnecessary back and forth. As a planner with client-enabled permissions, you can:

  • Invite vendors to connect with clients on their behalf
  • Pay invoices on client behalf – with securely stored payment methods where only the last 4 digits are visible
  • Sign contracts on client behalf 
  • Clients receive notifications so they are fully aware of all items being taken care of for them. They put their trust in you for a reason and they LOVE being able to sit a few of the details out!

3. Client-centric system

Let’s be real, a lot of the business management systems out there are made with 100% focus on vendors – djs, planners, photographers, florists, etc. The client experience on these systems is clunky, buggy, and ugly (in our humble opinion) to say the least! Why would clients be motivated to use these programs?! RPC was made with clients in mind! Clients can sign up in 2 minutes, view a clean and intuitive dashboard, keep track of budgets, and seamlessly manage contracts and payments.

Flaky client ways are no match for RPC’s powerful collaboration features, planner permissions, and hassle-free client dashboard.

Sign up and start collaborating today.

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