Top 10 podcasts the Rock Paper Coin Team is binge-listening to!

Many of us have found ourselves working from home during the COVID-19 crisis. We hope you and your families are staying healthy and getting extra rest. But we know working from home – amidst the chaos of kids, spouses, dogs, and a variety of other household distractions, can be a challenge. When you need to put your earbuds in and tune everything else out – the RPC Team has some great shows to binge-listen to.

Wedding and event podcasts you should stream now!

These 5 podcasts are geared for wedding and event planners, photographers, florists, bakers, venues, and more. Let’s face it, the wedding industry is exciting and rewarding – but it has its fair share of challenges. These podcasts offer tips, encouragement, and strategies for the day to day grind we all love (most of the time).  

  • Wedding Industry Insider with Eddie Babbage of Timeline Genius – Not only do we love the {timeline genius} product, but we also can’t get enough of this podcast! It offers an informative perspective on relevant industry topics and interviews experts in a variety of businesses. We always walk away from the podcast with at least a couple of helpful takeaways!
  • She Creates Business – She Creates Business is an empowering and candid conversation with successful women entrepreneurs. There are strategies for growing your business, navigating the daily struggles, and answers to the questions that keep us up at night. 
  • The Wedprenur Podcast – Hosted by Mary Swaffield, this podcast interviews wedding business experts that share straightforward, step-by-step tools for building and maintaining a profitable business.
  • Talk with Renee DaloWe adore Renee Dalo and the real conversations she has about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. This is a great one for giving your spirit a little extra lift when you’re feeling overwhelmed by the daily grind. 
  • BridechillaThis one is geared for couples planning their wedding but we tune in for the fun and informative perspective. Bridechilla offers awesome tips for planning a stress-free wedding while incorporating the unique style  and personality of couples. Not to mention this is currently the #1 wedding planning podcast.

5 non-industry podcasts you need in your life

When you could use a little departure from all things weddings and events, here are 5 podcasts to escape, laugh, and learn something new!

  •  The Drop OutWho doesn’t love a real-life story of romance, drama, deceit, and the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire?! The Drop Out tells the extraordinary story of Elizabeth Holmes. With over 3-years of investigation, exclusive interviews, and deposition testimony of Holmes herself, you might need to binge to all 6 episodes at once. 
  • How I Built ThisHosted by Guy Raz, this podcast gives a behind the scenes look at the world’s most recognized companies – and the innovators and entrepreneurs behind them. Some of the companies covered are Ben & Jerry’s, Birchbox, Lululemon Athletica, Wikipedia, Dell, and more. 
  • Armchair ExpertWe can’t help it. We are obsessed with Dax Shepard and his quirky and honest way of storytelling. In Armchair Expert, Dax interviews people in all walks of life and backgrounds – from hypnotherapists and neurosurgeons to the Millionaire Matchmaker, top actors and singers. We think this one is sure to give you a laugh and a new perspective!
  • Second Life Hillary Kerr, co-founder of Who What Wear, an international fashion company, speaks about making life and career transitions at any age. She interviews powerful business owners and entrepreneurs, authors, fashion designers, and actresses – who share their empowering stories of career choices and changes.
  • This American LifeYou’re probably not a stranger to This American Life, the public radio show with over 2 million listeners that covers a variety of current events and relevant topics on a weekly basis. No matter what the topic is, there is always an “I didn’t know that moment!” that can add to your dinner party conversation. 

We hope you enjoyed learning about the RPC team’s top podcasts. And we’d love to hear what you’re listening to! Please share your favorite podcasts with us on instagram or facebook

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