Top Wedding App Picks for 2022

It’s that time of the year, the ever-evolving circle event pros stay in.  We have crushed our 2021 events, awakening from the much-needed TLC of the off season (if we had one), starting to take bookings for 2023, and prepping for the current event season. The tech world is constantly changing but there are some handy apps to make your life easier when you are in the grind. 

Say “I DO”  to these must-have 2022 innovative wedding tech apps! 

Wave Accounting Software

When you are out hustling from event to event, keeping receipts of every business expense + transaction can become a complicated mess. Say goodbye to that fanny pack that’s holding all of your receipts and say hello to Wave Accounting Software. Wave Accounting allows small business owners to run robust reports (such as tracking sales tax), sync business accounts for expenditures + money made via RPC. This all comes at a small price of…absolutely free! We love an app that helps business owners thrive, all while keeping more of that hard-earned cash in your pockets. 

Magic Plan

Tension, rules, and regulations regarding Covid are still very present in the event industry’s way of life. With the rise of backyard weddings and many of our clients pushing the envelope of finding unique locations for their events with no restrictions, this next app is a must-have! Magic Plan allows many event professionals the opportunity to manage the potential risk of having an offsite event. With Magic Plan you are able to scan an area or room and it will calculate the wanted dimensions – so you can start to build a mock floor plan, prepare for that much-needed tent, or staging area for your events. Event pros are able to make a project from start to finish and store the project within Magic Plan.

Planning an event in a brick and mortar? Look no further than Merri, an all-in-one platform, offering a full suite of planning and design tools for venues. 


Constant communication throughout the planning process with vendors is a must. Day of communication is even more important. This fun little app will allow vendors the ability to stay connecting during the entire event. HeyTell is the 2022 of modern walkie-talkies, apps like this are essential when there are multiple spaces being used for an event- but only one of you. HeyTell will have you and your vendor dream team running like a well-oiled machine. HeyTell is also supported on Apple watch making it extremely convenient to send messages of delays, timeline concerns, etc. 


Parties, events, weddings, you name it Rock Paper Coin is here for it. After a couple of long years, we are sure your clients are ready to bust a move on the dance floor. Can’t blame them, we are ready too! For many attendees, the event they have been invited to, is the first time they have seen their friends and loved ones in a very long time. The emotions are running high, and the beats are well…. bumping!

With that being said things might get a little rowdy- of course, we want our clients and guests to have the best experience, but we also want to be aware of our surroundings. Urban venues + venues where sounds can travel want to respect their neighbors and might have a decibel level to stay within. DecibelX is a quick downloadable app where you can continuously check the decibel level throughout the night. This helps ensure your clients do not incur any surprising fees, and surrounding neighbors stay a healthy distance away from the event. Put on your party shoes this one is a show stopper! 

2022 is going to be a knockout year. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the RPC Community.


Cheers to you all!

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