Rock Paper Coin: The Best Wedding Planning Software in 2022

As a wedding planner, you know all the right stuff to get your happy couples ready for their big day. You’re well organized, have notebooks full of checklists, a stellar vendor team lined up — the list goes on. 

But what about wedding planning software, which makes your job easier?

Yes, wedding planning software is a thing  — and it can be incredibly helpful. We know because Rock Paper Coin is built by wedding planners, for wedding planners.  

Our wedding planning software helps wedding and event planners streamline their backend processes from proposals to digital contacts to invoices and timelines. It’s a tool that wedding and event planners can’t live without. So why should you? 

What Does Wedding Planning Software Do?

Wedding planning software is an online tool that streamlines the backend processes for wedding and event planning professionals. From digital contracts to timelines, Rock Paper Coin is a tool wedding planners can’t live without, and neither should you.

Rock Paper Coin is one of the highest-rated wedding planning software on the market. Why? It was built by wedding planners who know the industry’s ins and outs. So when it comes to picking a tool right for you – pick one that was built for you: Rock Paper Coin. 

Rock Paper Coin is a wedding and event planning software company based in Portland, Oregon, but we’ve helped professional planners all over the country. Here’s why wedding and event planners think we’re the best wedding planning software out there:


Want to show off your past work and explain your packages? The proposal feature is a robust tool that allows you to import pictures and custom build a digital proposal seamlessly. Already have one you love? No problem – simply upload! (Launching Oct. 2022)


Forget emailing contracts. We use e-signatures to keep up with your clients’ demands — Rock Paper Coin’s contract feature allows your couples to review documents and sign electronically, all with the click of a button. 

It’s good for business, too: Companies that use an e-signature platform as opposed to physical signature requests report an 80% increase in closing rates. 


No need to enter calendar payment reminders. Forget chasing down checks. Through our wedding planner software’s custom invoice feature you can create invoices specific to the needs of your clients and your business. 

With custom installments and automated reminders, once you send the invoice, your work is done!

Digital Payments

No more waiting for funds to clear — you’ll get your cash when you get paid. 

With Rock Paper Coin, the average time it takes for an invoice to be paid is just 24 hours. With our wedding planner software, most wedding planners and event professionals can get money moved into their bank account within two business days.

Client Folders

Keep all your client documents in one simple place. Rock Paper Coin has Google Drive integration, so you and your clients can upload documents directly from Google or your computer. No more hunting down that picture scribbled on a napkin fold — it’s all stored in one place.

Company Folders

Ready to take your team to the next level? With Rock Paper Coin’s company folders you can store and share company documents with your team. From your company’s handbook to email templates and everything in between, it’s all at your employees’ fingertips.

Third Party Collaboration

Planners, vendors and couples, rejoice! Unlike other wedding planning software, Rock Paper Coin isn’t limited to just two parties. Rock Paper Coin allows all parties involved in a wedding or event to collaborate together. 


Shhhhh – a big partnership is in the works: we’re creating the wedding industry’s leading timeline builder. Accessing and building your timelines just got a lot easier and cheaper! (Launching November 2022)

Low Processing Fees

Other wedding and event planning software charge a processing fee of 3% or more. At Rock Paper Coin, we only charge a 2.5% processing fee. Check out how Rock Paper Coin compares to other wedding planning and event software:

Processing Fee
Rock Paper Coin2.5%
Aisle Planner3%
17 Hats5%
Planning Pod3.2%+

Not Sure Yet? Try Our Wedding Planning Software for Free

Try RPC for free today!

Not ready to take the dive yet? Want to see under the hood a little bit? No problem! Request a free, personalized demo of Rock Paper Coin. Our team will be happy to help show you the ins and outs of the software, allowing you to see all the ways Rock Paper Coin can help you. 

Best of all: Every subscription comes with our hassle free, white glove on-boarding. 

Whether you’re switching from another wedding planning software or using wedding planning software for the first time, our team will take good care of you. Here is what you can expect: 

  • Dedicated Account Manager: your dedicated account manager will reach out to you and offer to set up your account for you. We will send you a quick file for you to enter in some basic information about your company. 
  • Free Account Set Up: once we get some basic information we will get your full account set up. From profile settings, branded emails to company folders – we will make sure your account is operating at full capacity. 
  • Contract Templates: Our team will use your existing contracts and get them set up into the system. We prepare templates of your contracts so sending them to new clients is a snap. 
  • 1:1 Training: After your account has been perfected, we will schedule a 1:1 training session with you and any team members. We’ll walk you through where everything is located, show you how to send your first contract, invoice, and then answer any questions. 

Wedding planners and vendors love our software’s many features and how smooth it makes their workflows. With Rock Paper Coin’s wedding planning software, you’ll have access to all the tools to meet your company’s unique needs. 

Weddings are one of the world’s oldest traditions, but that doesn’t mean your workflows have to be dated! Upgrading your wedding planning and event software will save you hours of time – so you can spend more time doing what you love. 

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