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May 19 2022

The Ultimate Wedding Planner Emergency Kit Guide

👉 Jump to: The Ultimate Wedding Planner Emergency Kit Guide | Printable Emergency Kit Checklist Any experienced wedding planner will tell you that being prepared for anything is the secret to success and happy clients.  ...
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May 6 2022

Staying Real on Social Media

How often do we feel the pull to do more on social media? Get more followers, learn to make reels, and post only during the best 3 hours in the day. It’s a lot! The pressure ...
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Apr 22 2022

Understanding the Cost of Doing Business

Ahh, the excitement of starting a business. You’ve made everything official, from the license and logo to the website, business cards, and social media accounts. You’re ready to open your virtual doors and start booking ...
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Apr 11 2022

Invite UNLIMITED team members to collaborate in your RPC account!

One thing RPC is most proud of is growing along with our members. Celebrating YOUR growth and success is hands-down one of our favorite thrills . We know many of you are expanding your teams ...
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Feb 28 2022

Black History Month – Traditions in Events

Black history month may be coming to a close, but many special traditions stay near our hearts throughout the year at events all across the country. Below are a few traditions you may have seen ...
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Feb 8 2022

Tax time doesn’t have to be a drag!

Does the word “taxes” make you cringe? Would you rather do literally ANYTHING other than reconcile payments, search for receipts, and update spreadsheets? If so, you are not alone! We prefer to spend as little ...
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Jan 31 2022

Easy tips to make the most of engagement season

Tis’ the season for shiny new rings, leading to an eventful summer full of “I do’s”. Now is the time to capitalize on potential engagement opportunities and transition them into lifelong clients. Before those steps ...
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Jan 25 2022

Top Wedding App Picks for 2022

It’s that time of the year, the ever-evolving circle event pros stay in.  We have crushed our 2021 events, awakening from the much-needed TLC of the off season (if we had one), starting to take ...
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Jan 10 2022

Event Pros: Kick off your year with serious cost savings!

How can RPC save you big in 2022? Now, more than ever, it’s important to keep as much money in your pocket as possible. Here are 3 reasons why more event pros are dropping their ...
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Dec 29 2021

RPC Resources

Have you checked out the latest and greatest RPC feature - Resources? We’ve partnered with some of our favorite industry experts to provide tips, tricks, and templates for navigating all types of industry gotchas - ...
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