Easy tips to make the most of engagement season

Tis’ the season for shiny new rings, leading to an eventful summer full of “I do’s”. Now is the time to capitalize on potential engagement opportunities and transition them into lifelong clients. Before those steps occur, let’s get back to the basics – capitalizing on the present engagement season.

7 tips for making the most of engagement season

Get your digital tools in check

Digital tools heavily impact your day-to-day business. Covid has made us all more aware of the importance of digital tools, marketing, and presence. As event professionals, it’s so important to always be improving and streamlining our hustle so that each season is smoother than the last! Thankfully, there are tons of incredible tech solutions that can help us do just that. Head over to this recent blog for a quick round-up of 2022 top event industry apps and the resources we love for our favorite industry groups, and tools!

Take advantage of RPC’s free White Glove account service

RPC’s White Glove services are for ALL members. Let us complete an audit of your account so 2022 bookings run as smoothly as possible. Start to purge your old contracts and send your Member Success Manager those updated contracts to upload into your account, for a clean, crisp, and fully branded contract experience. 

Give yourself a quick refresher of new features

Are you aware of the new features RPC has implemented in the past few months? Our development team has been hard at work and we want to make sure you’re in the know about all of the new features in your account. Become acquainted with the updates we’ve made – to better both you + your clientele’s experience. Check out our blog for all the latest features now!

Lean on your Member Success Manager

Member Success Managers are here to assist in your RPC journey, it doesn’t matter if you’re an RPC expert or a freshman. Here at Rock Paper Coin, our main goal is to see you thrive! Please schedule time with your Member Success Manager to let us know how we can help!

Be a social butterfly

If you haven’t already, this is the prime time to boost your social media presence. Start to reconsider your target audience, redesign your portfolio, and schedule out content as much as possible! Utilize the vendor’s features on RPC to tag vendors who worked with you on previous events. Reposting and gaining traction via social media is the best way to promote your business + skills while supporting your fave “friend-ors”.

Dust off your website

Building a strong search engine presence and having key web content is a marketing strategy dream…and most importantly, helps prospects find you! So don’t be shy, get out there and rep your online brand! Update that website content and showcase your personality, freshen up your photos, and make sure prospects have an easy way to contact you. 

Invest in your vendor network

Keep building that vendor network and join a few local networking groups! Whether they are meeting in-person or online, the ability to bounce ideas with other event pros and give referrals never goes unnoticed. All in all, it’s a team effort, we are in this together!

Let’s make the 2022 event season one for the books!

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