Fine Tuning Your Payment Schedule

We know everyone chooses to invoice a little differently. Depending on the size and scale of an event, how far in advance the booking is, the needs of individual clients, and your business goals, you may need various invoice options. Rock Paper Coin is happy to offer custom built invoices so you can better plan for your business needs. Take a look inside the invoice feature below and see how custom scheduling in a snap! 

One Invoice Per Client

One invoice can do it all. No need to create a new invoice for every payment or when you need to adjust an invoice. With Rock Paper Coin you can use one invoice per client. After building out the invoice, by selecting the custom payment structure, you have all the flexibility you need to build out just one invoice. 

When building an invoice, under the payment schedule there are a list of various options to chose from. If you wish to receive equal installments, simple select how many payments you wish to schedule, and Rock Paper Coin will do the math for you. If you prefer something more customized, select “custom”. This customization option is great if you need to: 

  • Charge a deposit that is not equal to the subsequent payments
  • You don’t want your invoice total evenly distributed across your payment installments
  • You would like to collect more than (4) payments

By selecting “custom” you will be able to build out the number of payments desired and schedule payment amounts and dates to your desire. This allows for businesses to build out invoices that work best for their specific business needs.

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