RPC Unfiltered Talks: PR + Press Nightmares with Julie Novak

In our latest RPC Unfiltered Talk, we stepped into the exciting world of event planning with Julie Novak, the CEO and co-founder of Party Slate, who spills the beans on event PR mishaps and how to avoid them. From a major hotel chain losing all its photos to navigating organizational nightmares, Julie’s insights are both funny and invaluable. She also shares some valuable tips for event professionals on how to get their work published and grow their businesses. Watch the full webinar below!

RPC Unfiltered: PR + PRESS NIGHTMARES with Julie Novack of Party Slate

Of all the gems Julie shared during our conversation, here are the key takeaways:

Strengthen Vendor Relationships: Photographers are key partners in capturing your amazing event work. Be polite when requesting photos, explain how you’ll use them (e.g., social media posts with tags), and offer to return the favor by sending referrals or featuring their work.

Get Tagged, Don’t Forget It: Didn’t get tagged in a photo by the photographer? Don’t be shy! Kindly ask them to add your credit and connect with you on Party Slate for automatic tagging in future collaborations.

Party Slate: Your Digital Presence Powerhouse: Party Slate showcases your work, attracts new clients, boosts referrals, and even lets vendors get tagged in event photos – a win-win! 

Proactive Photo Handling: Facing a client who lost event photos due to a photographer mishap? Apologize, explain your new system using Party Slate for secure photo storage, and highlight the platform’s accessibility for everyone involved.

Network Like a Pro: Consider attending Party Slate’s networking events. It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with industry peers and expand your business horizons.

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