Quick Payments: No invoice, No hassle!

We are thrilled to announce a game-changing enhancement to our payment infrastructure – the Quick Payment feature! At Rock Paper Coin, we are always striving to deliver innovative solutions that empower our businesses and customers alike. With this latest feature, initiating payments has never been more effortless, efficient, and user-friendly. 

NEW Feature: Quick Payments

What’s the Quick Payment Feature all about?

We have envisioned and built a publicly accessible page for each business, designed exclusively to facilitate seamless payments. This groundbreaking page will allow customers to initiate payments to businesses without the need for manual invoices, making transactions smoother and faster than ever before.

Why We Love the Quick Payment Feature:

Enhanced Vendor-Customer Relationship: By eliminating manual invoicing, businesses can focus on their core business, while customers experience a seamless and easy payment process.

Seamless Integration: Built on top of our existing secure payments infrastructure, the Quick Payment feature smoothly integrates into the RPC platform without disruptions, honoring the same 2.5% processing fee and 2 day processing for deposits. 

Trust and Security: Our commitment to the highest security standards ensures that all payments and data exchanges are encrypted and safeguarded.

How does it work?

The process is simple and straightforward:

Businesses can easily generate links, set amounts, and share them with customers for instant payments. Customers just click the link, provide basic info, specify the amount (if not preset), and submit payments hassle-free. No more invoices or delays!

Use Cases We Love for Quick Payments: 

There are many reasons to love this new feature, but here are some of the team’s favorites: 

  1. Website button: Add a “Pay Now” button to anywhere on your website to initiate direct payments. This can have a certain dollar value or be left open for customer input. 
  2. Industry Events: Hosting a get-together? Industry meetup? Need to collect payments from a group? Copy your custom quick payment link and embed the link directly into an email asking for payment. 
  3. Registration: Do you take registration for a workshop? Conference or summit? After your attendees register, simply add in your custom payment link for the set amount. No more paying high processing fees with registration companies! 
  4. Follow-up Payments: Did a customer incur additional costs after an event? Need a quick reimbursement? You can send them a dedicated payment link with the specific amount to collect what they owe without the hassle of sending an additional invoice. 

The Magic Behind the Scenes:

Behind the scenes, once the payment has been submitted, Rock Paper Coin’s Quick Payment feature automatically generates an invoice as the “receipt” for the payment. This seamless integration with RPC’s existing secure payments infrastructure ensures that all financial records are up-to-date, easy to manage, and in one place. 

The Quick Payment feature is a testament to our dedication to continuous improvement and providing the best experience for our businesses and their customers – and it’s all included in your subscription! 

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