The new and improved RPC

You may have noticed a fresh, new look in your RPC account. One of our promises is to provide a stylish, professional, and easy experience for all users. So we hope this recent update enhances not only the look and feel of your account — but also saves you time! Here’s a recap of what’s new.

The look

My Wallet

We moved the “My Wallet” page to your dropdown menu so all personal, business, and payment information is accessed in the same place:

Your month in review

Now view a quick summary of your client connections, signed contracts, number of invoices, and total dollar amount of invoices on your dashboard. Collapse the summary using the arrow in the top right corner if you don’t wish to view.

Dashboard notifications

You still manage notifications on your dashboard – just note that the “x” to dismiss items has been replaced with a trash can icon.

Tip: Don’t want to dismiss notifications in case you need to access them in the future? No worries! Your dashboard notifications are intended to function like your digital “to do” list so feel free to trash items that you don’t need to take action on. Then, if you need to reference when a particular item was sent, viewed, paid, etc, head to your client activity feed (if you’re a vendor/planner) as those notifications are never deleted. You can use this view as a date/timestamp history so you can reference it as needed!


Tax rates per line item

Tax rates and regulations vary from state to state. A new feature that was released with our new look is the ability to tax individual line items, opposed to the invoice total. This gives you ultimate control over what items/services need to be taxable or not.


Discounts are now added at the bottom right of your invoice, beneath the subtotal line item. Click “ADD” and just like before, select from a percentage (%) or dollar amount ($) off. Your invoice total will adjust to reflect your discount.

Payment structure

Payment structure moved to a second page so be sure to scroll down and select the number of payments you want to receive along with due dates.

We’d love to hear from you – please take a moment to complete our short survey the next time you log in. Feel free to share any comments or feedback in our notes box. Alrighty, now back to work on our next round of enhancements!  

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