Why RPC is the best small business management platform for the wedding and event industry

There are more business management software systems now than ever before! Systems that make bold claims about streamlining workflows and saving time and money. Systems that are tailored to specific professions like photographers, DJ’s, and planners. Systems that tout multiple integrations. With so many choices, it can feel impossible to choose. You may have been fed up with the research and free trials that go nowhere and decided to do nothing – to stick with your old-fashioned ways of pen and paper, snail mail, and post-its because they get the job done. The thing is, we were in the same boat until we decided to create our own business management system. The Rock Paper Coin platform stands out above the rest. Read on to see why.

Here are 5 reasons why Rock Paper Coin’s small business management system is the best.

1. It’s free

Wait, what? Free must mean there’s a catch. The catch is, we want users experiencing the platform and providing valuable feedback to help us evolve it. That’s it. During our beta phase, we are offering lifetime, free subscriptions to our first 1,000 active users. This one is a no-brainer. Sign up and start using RPC today to lock in your lifetime free subscription.

2. RPC processing fees are the lowest on the market

Most platforms offer processing fees around 2.9%-3.5%. RPC is committed to offering the lowest fees not just today but for the long haul. The more small business owners we have on our platform, the more negotiating power we have with payment processors. No other platform out there is this aggressive and proactive about providing the lowest rates to their customers.

3. It’s the most agile

Since our beginning, we have pivoted to make the changes and enhancements our user-base asked for. Our fully-staffed in-house development team is working hard to release new features every two weeks. The wedding and event industry is rapidly evolving to keep up with current trends and culture…not to mention a worldwide pandemic. Wedding and event pros have to be flexible all day every day – constantly being challenged to look for better/more creative ways to do things. We believe a business management system should be just as flexible. We have already drastically evolved our features and we will continue to do so.

4. It’s easy

So easy. In fact we dare you – sign-up during a commercial break of your favorite reality show. No need to access pages of support articles or post questions in facebook groups to get a handle on things. You can navigate RPC on your own from day one. Send a contract or invoice, invite clients, create templates, and watch funds deposited to your bank account without leaving the couch.

5. RPC was created by wedding industry veterans

One thing is for sure – we know the struggle. We are wedding planners with 29 years of combined experience. We used every business management system out there and we never found the right fit. We know you would rather be spending your time talking to clients, dreaming up design concepts, and finding the latest venue, than agonizing over contracts, invoices, and payments. Why not try us out and see how a couple of wedding planners changed the technology game – making it intuitive and accessible for everyone.

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