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Aug 28 2020

A look ahead, RPC rollouts

We are not shy about asking for feedback, reworking a feature that didn’t land like we’d hoped, or bringing an innovation the event industry hasn’t seen before! We are proud to be ever-changing and evolving. ...
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Aug 26 2020

Tips for managing a flaky client

We all know too well the client who loses emails, forgets to sign contracts, doesn't have checks to make a payment, etc. Gone are the days of babysitting these clients.  Enter RPC - taking the client ...
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Aug 24 2020

Payment methods that will cost your business big time

All business owners want to offer their clients multiple payment options to ensure everyone has a convenient, secure, and easy way to pay. But some payment methods have negative implications for your business that might ...
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Aug 12 2020

Creating and sending invoices on Rock Paper Coin is EASY

We use the words “simple” and “easy” a lot. “Simple is best.” “We simplify the paperwork”. “Easy way to process contracts and invoices.” And when we’re feeling extra feisty, we throw in “easy peasy.” But ...
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Jul 30 2020

Now is the time for a tech audit of your business

We know the word ‘audit’ causes most creatives to cringe but with the COVID-19 crisis - and the changes its forced event businesses to make - there is no room for error with our tech ...
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Jul 15 2020

You asked. We listened.

It’s important to us that we grow and evolve the RPC platform to be what our users want it to be. Sure, we have grand ideas and an exciting product roadmap laying out new features ...
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Jul 2 2020

Take control of your email

6 email tips that you should start following now! Emails are more important now than ever. With face to face meetings cancelled for the foreseeable future, written and virtual communication are our only methods for ...
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Jun 4 2020

Women-led companies are good for business

Rock Paper Coin is extremely proud to be women-owned and led! Sadly, in the tech industry, only 5% of startups are owned by women. And even more shocking is the lack of racial diversity. According ...
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May 18 2020

Keep the kids busy during quarantine!

Running out of ways to entertain the kiddos at home? We’ve got 6 fun and easy ideas to keep them busy and learning new things! 1. Do a virtual trip to the zoo Many zoos ...
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May 8 2020

Favorite celebrity mom quotes in honor of Mother’s Day!

A lot of the advice spinning around in our heads - and likely our subconscious - is stuff we heard from our moms. We want to celebrate Mother’s Day by sharing some uplifting advice and ...
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