Get to know your Member Success Manager!

You might hear the word Member Success Manager floating around a lot at Rock Paper Coin HQ. The keyword in that description is success. Either of your Member Success Managers are well equipped to assist you in optimizing your workflow process, tutorials, troubleshooting, and collaborating with you to bring the RPC Community an amazing product! 

Did you know your MSM not only has expertise in the event industry but your current market as well? Yup, that’s right we are a small (but mighty) team of 2 phenomenal women who have worked at either high-end hotels, planned events, or owned our own businesses! Take a peek below to find out a little more about the ladies behind the screens! 

Tabetha –  Eastern states

Meet Tabetha!

Lover of all things food-related and a hospitality enthusiast, Tabetha is making sure that all Eastern states are fully taken care of. The endless streams of creativity of hospitality professionals are what attracted Tabetha into the industry, ” it’s exciting to see what people come up with”. 

When defining what her version of a good event entails, Tabetha mentioned…yes, you guessed it, FOOD. Unique food and cocktails are a must at Tabetha’s events, the service must be impeccable so guests never have to ask for anything- the catering staff is there to anticipate the needs of the guests. 

What’s on the hors d’oeuvres menu? 

Flavorful action stations! Tabetha’s dream culinary lineup starts at a crudo station filled with delectable fresh prepared seafood, jalapeno, and citrus pairings, then guests make their way to the sushi hand roll stations with specialty sauces, and wake up the next morning for a fun play on a brunch with classic mini hash brown patties topped with chive cream cheese, and smoked salmon. If you ask us, that sounds like an event we need to be invited to! 

Tabetha chose a career with Rock Paper Coin because she loved that it was built by event professionals, for event professionals. You can guarantee that Tabetha will put in 100% effort in assisting RPC members, and would like to leave you with this final thought about achieving your goals… 

No matter how good you have it, it’s cool to want more.”

Mindy Kaling.

Lynsey – Western states

Meet Lynsey!

From the Centennial State of Colorado to the Pacific Ocean and everything in-between, West Coast members have a treat working with Lynsey! Working in the Hospitality Industry was all she wanted to do from a very young age; her vast knowledge of the RPC platform, business techniques, and ride or die mentality for events helps all of our members succeed. 

Living in Portland, Oregon she spends her rainy days with a glass of Argyle champagne, a rom-com movie playing in the background, and browsing the best of Nordstrom’s online fashion selection. The creativity and passion of the industry keeps Lynsey’s passion fueled.  Whether it’s the creative timelines, unique decor, specialty menus, or inventive ways to serve guests. Event professionals are always pushing the boundaries. It makes her proud to work with individuals who truly think the “world is your oyster” and makes it happen for their clients! 

While playing a game of this or that, Lynsey was asked if she would rather have a romantic ceremony or a slammin’ reception. She opted for neither. 

Give her a romantic elopement, and a month-long honeymoon to seal the deal. 

For Lynsey, her members are her top priority. And she believes it’s important for members to be proactive on the impending 2022 event season – she says, “Buckle up, it’s going to be another busy year and as your Member Success Manager, I have your back through it all! Lean on me when you or your clients have questions or you need a feature to be even more successful than you already are. And not only do you have the team at RPC at your fingertips to support you but join our Facebook group for insider tips, vendor support + amazing inspiration. You truly get a community with Rock Paper Coin!”

Special thanks to our guest blogger, Lynsey! 🙂

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