Letter from our Founders, Thanksgiving 2022

Our Deepest Thanks.

This time of year is our favorite, it’s when we get to take count of all we’ve accomplished in the past months and give our deepest thanks for the wonderful people who have gotten us there along the way. 

Being an entrepreneur is a challenging road. Being a women-founded tech start-up isn’t easy either. It is a road, however, that has led us on a journey we wouldn’t change for anything. Especially when it comes to the following things:

Our team: They are the best of the best. They lead with their hearts, build our products fueled with passion, and care deeply for the industry they are working to improve. Without our team, we wouldn’t have Rock Paper Coin, so to them, we give our deepest thanks. 

Our members: You believe in us and give us a reason to continue dreaming and reaching. You motivate us to work faster and build better. You remind us to celebrate our wins and embrace the changing needs of our industry. For you, we show up every day, and for us, you remind us why we do what we do. Thank you for giving us the ability to turn dreams into reality. 

Our community: This industry continues to amaze us with its resilience, creativity, and heart. We’ve seen it all at this point, but what’s been most exciting is welcoming a new generation of business owners into 2022 and seeing them rise to the occasion by finding genuine education and investing early in business tools. Seeing the veterans of our industry elevate the standards of this ever-evolving community we all call home is nothing short of inspiring. Future generations will follow in your footsteps, better prepared than ever. We look forward to watching the growth and change continue and contributing to all the excitement that the new year is sure to bring.

From our family to all of yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

Elizabeth and Nora Sheils 

The RPC Team taking an action-packed cooking class (then getting to enjoy our meal!) at the Art of Catering kitchen in downtown Portland, Oregon

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