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Sep 25 2023

Making Sense of the Cents: Why Transaction Fees Matter

So, you just booked a client. You've got the master plan for the dreamiest wedding or the most sensational event. The couple loves it and is ready to submit their down payment. But, hold on ...
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Sep 18 2023

RPC Money Talks: Profitable Pricing with Elizabeth Sheils and Steve Moore

In the world of luxury weddings, success isn't just about creating beautiful moments; it's also about the art of managing your business. In a recent RPC Money Talks webinar, we had the privilege of hosting ...
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Sep 12 2023

RPC Money Talks: Know Your Worth with Nora Sheils and Jason Rhee 

Have you been following along with our webinar series, RPC Money Talks? Well we are thrilled to be bringing these videos to our blog so the RPC community can rewatch as many times as desired! ...
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Sep 5 2023

New Biz on the Horizon: Adding Destination Weddings to Your Planning Portfolio

As event and wedding planners, we're all about making unforgettable moments. And while weddings are our bread and butter, there's a whole new realm we can explore: destination weddings. These are weddings that take place ...
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Aug 30 2023

Quick Payments: No invoice, No hassle!

We are thrilled to announce a game-changing enhancement to our payment infrastructure - the Quick Payment feature! At Rock Paper Coin, we are always striving to deliver innovative solutions that empower our businesses and customers ...
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Aug 28 2023

Maximizing Marketing Impact: Decoding Return on Investment vs. Return on Time for Small Business Owners

Imagine you're a small business owner, juggling tasks like a circus performer trying to keep flaming torches aloft while dancing on a tightrope. In this high-stakes act, every decision you make is like a piece ...
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Aug 21 2023

Incorporating Corporate Events into Your Planning Business: Winning Strategies for Wedding Professionals

For many of us wedding pros, weddings are everything. We plan wedding during the day, we dream of wedding preparation in our sleep, and that’s it. But in the dynamic world of event planning, there's ...
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Aug 16 2023

Business Nightmares: Things to Say To Clients To Save Your Sanity

The nightmares are almost over, but luckily you are wiser and better prepared than ever to take on clients and and projects with way less drama! If you missed parts one and two, don’t worry ...
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Aug 15 2023

Business Nightmares: Ending Toxic Client Relationships

As we enter part two of our three-part BUSINESS NIGHTMARES series, we now head into the nightmare every pro wants to avoid - toxic client relationships. If you missed part one, you can find it ...
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Aug 14 2023

Business Nightmares: Spotting Client Red Flags

Get ready for an amazing three-part series all about… BUSINESS NIGHTMARES! Everybody loves getting new clients, but sometimes the people who pay you can have a net-negative impact on your business. As a wedding pro, ...
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