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Jun 11 2024

Pricing Your Services: Covering the Cost of Software

By Emily Sumners-Tuipulotu of Timeline Genius You already know the right software can elevate every aspect of your business, but the costs of these programs can add up. The solution seems simple: price your services ...
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Jun 6 2024

RPC Unfiltered Talks: The True Cost of Education

Ever dreamt of taking your wedding planning skills to the next level? But feeling overwhelmed by the amount of educational resources out there? This RPC Unfiltered Talk isn't your typical "how-to" session. Here, we'll guide ...
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May 16 2024

Empowering Creatives: Rock Paper Coin Streamlines Your Finances, Fuels Your Passion

The event industry thrives on creativity. You craft unforgettable experiences, but managing finances shouldn't stifle your passion. Rock Paper Coin is your solution for modern financial tools built for event professionals. Rock Paper Coin: Simplifying ...
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May 8 2024

Proposals for Planners: A Ring on It, or Not?

So, you've got a potential client all fired up about your event planning magic. But before you dive into the nitty-gritty, should you send a formal proposal? The answer, like most things in the wedding ...
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Apr 29 2024

RPC Unfiltered Talks: PR + Press Nightmares with Julie Novak

In our latest RPC Unfiltered Talk, we stepped into the exciting world of event planning with Julie Novak, the CEO and co-founder of Party Slate, who spills the beans on event PR mishaps and how ...
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Apr 22 2024

Get Paid Faster: Your Guide to Streamlined Invoicing

We all know the joy of nailing a client's dream event. But let's be honest, the thrill can wear thin when those invoices take forever to turn into cash in your pocket. Keeping our cash ...
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Apr 17 2024

RPC Unfiltered Talks: Building an Authentic Brand with Josh Spiegel

Ever dreamt of transforming your passion into a booming event planning business? Look no further than Josh Spiegel, the mastermind behind Birch Events. This RPC Unfiltered Talk dives into the world of event planning, but ...
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Mar 25 2024

Invoice Editing Made Easy: New Features to Boost Your Workflow

Exciting news from the RPC newsdesk! We've just released an update to invoicing that will bring more ease and efficiency to how you manage your billing. This March, we have added several useful new features ...
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Feb 28 2024

RPC Unfiltered Talks: A Masterclass on Entrepreneurship with Todd Fiscus

When trends shift and clients demand "new," it can be hard to stay on-brand. Fear not! This RPC Unfiltered Talks episode dives deep with Todd Fiscus, an event maestro with 40-plus years of experience in ...
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Feb 7 2024

RPC Unfiltered Talks: The Power of Reinvention with Cheval

Can you imagine waking up one day and your dream career, your passion, your everything, is gone? Not just gone, but being used against you, your designs sold while you see no dime. This nightmare ...
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