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A look ahead, RPC rollouts

We are not shy about asking for feedback, reworking a feature that didn’t land like we’d hoped, or bringing an innovation the event industry hasn’t seen before! We are proud to be ever-changing and evolving. And the #1 cause for change with RPC features is feedback from active users. We have some exciting enhancements in…

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Tips for managing a flaky client

We all know too well the client who loses emails, forgets to sign contracts, doesn’t have checks to make a payment, etc. Gone are the days of babysitting these clients.  Enter RPC – taking the client management responsibility off your shoulders. Here are tips for managing those lovable but flaky clients on RPC. 1. RPC makes…

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Payment methods that will cost your business big time

All business owners want to offer their clients multiple payment options to ensure everyone has a convenient, secure, and easy way to pay. But some payment methods have negative implications for your business that might surprise you! Below are 3 payment methods that can cost you big time. Checks We know checks are becoming less…

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Creating and sending invoices on Rock Paper Coin is EASY

We use the words “simple” and “easy” a lot. “Simple is best.” “We simplify the paperwork”. “Easy way to process contracts and invoices.” And when we’re feeling extra feisty, we throw in “easy peasy.” But the reason we talk about simplicity so much is because it’s our number one priority. Making the not-so-fun parts of…

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